Strategic analysis which leads to market strategies and marketing strategies that are customised and both customer and needs focussed. We specialise in traditional and digital strategies that build communities around brands.

One-size-fits-all solutions in marketing don’t work. Expensive marketing tools only have their desired effect if they form part of a customised strategy based on analysis.


At The Marketing Press we are all about getting to know your business, its customers and people.


We create marketing plans based on:


Strategic Analysis

A detailed analysis of the macro-environment, the market, the customer, competitors and internal ability.


Market Strategies

Market strategies regarding

  • competitive advantage
  • product life-cycles
  • global trends
  • relationship building
  • digital and traditional community formation
  • brand identity and strategy


Marketing Strategies

Detailed assessment and documenting of

  • Target market/s,
  • Positioning and segmentation
  • The marketing mix for each segment