An SME owner recently said to me, “I’m a businessman, I’m not a writer”. Many small business owners either don’t have the time or just don’t know how to create content.

But why is it necessary for them to create content? Why can’t they just leave it to their marketing people?

A recent article by Raylene Morey clarifies this question.

• When CEOs create content, they position themselves as thought leaders in their field. Leaders can enthuse customers and mobilise them as followers

• CEOs can build their personal brand through their own unique voice as it relates to their product or service.

• CEOs and leaders can create an authentic and trusted channel to communicate with their customers and create a community around their brand. This community not only keeps buying or using the company’s services but also brings others.

• Blogging and content creation will give your company a public face, someone to associate with a particular industry or service. By sharing their passion, CEOs can create a following especially if leveraged well through social media.

• CEOs can educate the market and drive the narrative around the problems they, or their company is solving.

Consumers are bombarded with a constant flow of information and digital noise. Creating and effectively sharing good and topical content that your customers appreciate, cuts through that noise.

More often than not, the CEO is the passionate business owner or inventor who is best placed to create that authentic content. CEOs and business owners of SMEs almost have no choice but to become content creators.